The day before the TT

I did not get up so early as my hosts are not early risers so by the time they started moving around for Floris to get ready for school I had dozed a few times. It was actually well appreciated by my body after the wild camping on a thin mattress it was loving the luxury of a real bed again. It is so good to have these breaks to be able to wash clothing and have a break from the normal routine. After Utrecht they are far and few with only Marie-Anne’s parents in the southern France as our next organised stop.

I went into Utrecht to visit Tineke for coffee and everywhere is just Tour De France. The trees are wrapped, music playing and lots of people. Of course bicycles bicycles and more bicycles!!!



This is one row on one floor of a another new four storey parking garage for bikes at the station in Utrecht. You find bike parks all over and still more bicycles everywhere in the streets, simply mind blowing.

It is so hot that Hein, our host decides to take us to another Rijn river for a swim after lunch. Floris comes home from 12 to 1 and we have lunch with him.

In the afternoon we again explore and do some shopping in the city. By 5pm we are exhausted and head home for supper. Hein proves to be an excellent cook and prepares the salmon to perfection. Our host thins of everything and we also enjoy a paella with some Spanish red wine to add the touch. After supper it is Cognac, coffee and cigar time. Two of the three enough for me with the cigar not included on my list.

It is 20h30 and a lot cooler so again we head off on the bikes, albeit a little mor wobbly, to soak in more of this beautiful city and TdF fever.


The Dom tower lit up with lights and next to it one of the many bands playing into the night!!!


A wall of bicycles!!!

Almost midnight and time for bed tomorrow the TT………..

Eugene on a bike somewhere in the world