Spectacular Cliffs of Moher

The day turns out to be cooler and very blustery with a wind at our backs again suggesting that we are blessed or have chosen to cycle in the right direction around Ireland. Soon after setting off at Tarbet we got on to the ferry to cross the Shannon estuary on a ferry that docked at Killimer. Both sides of the river were dominated by the tall chimneys of two very large power stations. This led me to contemplate how I could harnesses some of the electrical supply for back home. The same problem of how to carry it around for two more months arose so I quickly changed my mind.

The route turned out to be very lumpy along the coast but the scenery was breathtaking. I was reminded of the coastal road one finishes on when riding the PE Herald bike race with this being as undulating and windy.

The towns and villages are very close so you seldom travel more than 15km before you reach the next village. This makes it very easy to travel the country on a bike. I have also realised that I have packed more than I need. I could have left half of what I am carrying and still have had enough, so even with all the experience at touring one still gets conned into the maybe I will need it mindset!!

At Kilrush we managed to find a shop that stocked a Buff and Henri was finally happy as he was complaining bitterly about the cold. I shopped for an SD card because my tablet was complaining of not enough space but had no luck. I will have to wait until we get to Gallway tomorrow.

From Kilrush we meandered through the country side and passed through several villages namely Tudorie, Creegh and Quilty via Spanish Point to Lahinch. We stopped here for lunch and a pint, well half pint for me. This was the way to escape the wind or so we tell ourselves. Again the lunch stop proved fatal and I was having to convince Henri to carry on but it looked like a bus ride to Galway was inevitable. Sometimes the cycling gods intervene and along came 4 cyclists and we got chatting. Soon i coerced Henri into riding along with them to Doolin via the Cliffs of Moher. We would have missed out seeing this spectacle had it not been for Justine, Julian, Neil and Cheri guiding us on the bike paths to the cliffs and then to Doolin. They proved to be very patient and slowed down to our pace and chatted freely.

Cheri had raced the World Cup Enduro in Wicklow and extended their trip to include a bike trip with her friends. At the cost of £350 to get the camper van across from England it made sense and to our good fortune as we made some real good friends. We met for a drink later and chatted until quite late. We swopped contact details and I look forward to seeing them in Wales but definetly on a visit to SA in the future.

Having had my bonus ride I conceded to taking the bus to Galway in the morning……

One week on the road and having a blast but missing the family back home.

Eugene on a bike somewhere in the world