Rapid descent from on high

WOW and WOW again !!!

What a descent from high on a Pyrenean mountain for two reasons. One the reality sinks in on how steep and long it is and two my V brakes cooked trying to keep Big Orange from running away with me and my weighted panniers. At first I thought it was the brakes of the camper vans I could smell as we passed them or vice versa but soon realised that it was my own.  Then I did take it a little easier because the tour finishes in Paris and is still a way down the road!! 

A four hour ascent was matched by less than an hour back to Arretté and a reward of three croissants in a row. Well if yellow is good for Froome the croissants are a just reward for coming down quicker than the racing men went up. A narrow time difference nevertheless I claimed a win. Needless to say I did not stop for any photos as it was a serious challenge with croissants at stake.

After a big win like that I lost my fight with an ATM when I needed to draw some euros and I could not remember my pin number. I then pushed on to Oloron St-Marie that is a bigger town in the hope of finding a bank that could assist or has a connection with an SA bank. I did not find a partner with FNB but did discover that Bank National Paris has a link with ABSA in SA. Luckily I am not in dire straits yet so I should survive until my memory returns.

So I hang around Oloron long enough to try sort my problem and then sit and watch the rest of the days stage on telly in one of the local restaurants. This gives me wifi and chance to chat to the family as I am missing them a lot today.

I find a spot on the river and cook a great dinner so the spirits are lifted as I sit and enjoy the evening next to a crystal clear river teeming with trout and salmon. I even consider fishing for one much like the bears do in the rapids.


From hearing the angels on high to the tranquility of the river down below what more could one wish for…..well maybe a pin number to pop into my head would do right now !!

Tomorrow I make a big effort to catch up with Le Tour again………

Eugene on a bike somewhere in the world