Pretorius Bikes and bike repairs

After a good rest and much needed sleep in a comfortable bed we had a light breakfast and went to find Pretorius Bikes owned by the son of a dear departed friend.

Jean-Claude and his lovely wife Erin, who I was to meet for the first time, own the shop in Drysdale Road London. It was so close to our base that I was very pleased because with London being so large it could have been miles away.

I arrived and found Erin and Mike the mechanic in the shop. Jean-Claude was out with the morning club ride but due back soon. We chatted to Erin whilst enjoying an outstanding cup of coffee. No surprise there of course because bikes and coffee go well together.



Mike was very helpful and gave me sound advice with my repair because I was anticipating a big job to reattach the mounting lug for my panniers rack by welding it back. He directed me to a shop called “Look mum no hands” to buy some P clips and this was the simpler solution. I got some spares as well in case I needed them as the Holland, Belgium and France adventure still lies ahead.


In the meantime Jean-Claude had arrived and we reminisced about old times and chatted away between customers.

His shop is very busy and supplies mainly his own brand Titanium road bikes. With model names like Kolwyns and Outeniqua the South African connection was very evident. It is a very high end elite range and the customer could decide what spec he wanted to finish the bike with.

Jean-Claude then rebuilt Suz’s troublesome back wheel that kept breaking spokes after the first one went. I trust this will solve the problem now.


After spending the day with him an his charming wife I  was invited to join their Saturday ride from the shop on one of his bikes and I accepted gratefully. They also intend showing me the Olympic park and a “kuiertjie” at their home and I look forward to meeting their son, Moser.

Tomorrow and Friday I intend seeing as many of the sights of London as I can cram into the two days…..

Eugene on a bike somewhere in the world