London here I come!

I woke up very early and was keen to get started but by the time we had packed and had breakfast it was already 7.30 am.

I was not sure of our distance to London along the Grand Union Canal so we set off at a steady pace. Although the route is very flat it is constantly interrupted with locks for the narrow boats and sometimes road bridge crossings.

As we traveled along the canal we saw the most interesting narrow boats of all colours and shapes. One even had an umbrella over hanging the small deck.

On and on we pedalled and 73 miles later we arrived at a viby and bustling Camden Town. All the revellers were out in the pubs and restaurants that line the canal so it was impossible to resist stopping for a beer at the Ice Wharf. I tried a local IPA ale and soon learned it was the abbreviation for Indian Pale Ale. It was quite light and sweet but very satisfying after a longish day in the saddle.



The route along the canal is well used and we arrived in rush hour. I have never experienced this with the amount of commuters on foot and on bikes making it quite a challenge to finish our ride without landing in the canal. Now I thought Stoke Newington was around the corner from Camden Town but it turned out to be 7miles away.

Finally we arrived at Helen and Rachel and were received very warmly and again all the royal treatment would make for a wonderful stay.

Bike repairs and a visit to Pretorius bikes planned for tomorrow.

Eugene on a bike somewhere in the world