Go back day!!!

We depart London at 8.30 after a quick stop at Morrison store to buy some supplies.

Thank you Helen and Rachel for letting us stay at your lovely home in Stoke Newington.

We travel up the A10 to join the National Cycle Route 1. The route takes us out of London along the canal that leads to Tottenham marshes. Most of the way it is a good surface so we make good time and decide to make tea stop at Pickett’s Lock.

We continue so eagerly that we miss the turn off onto Lee Valley Road. By the time we realised it we had travelled another 3 miles.

Hence my day’s title “go back” day. We turn around to get back to our route and we would repeat this several times during this day as navigation proves a little challenging.

We head through the Epping Forest towards Epping and I recognise many of the village names from the club ride route done with Eryn on Saturday.

Getting through Chelmsford proves to be another challenge with the signage for that B roads just disappearing once again. We cast around as before, often retreating off an A road in search of the quieter route. This is why it takes so much more time than needed to cover shortish distances.



Now my pannier rack is again giving me trouble so in desperation I stop at a bus repair man and beg some water hose clamps for a temporary repair. We soldier on to Kelvedon and find a nice camping spot.

Dinner and coffee then off to bed with the last stretch to Harwich ahead…..  

Eugene on a bike somewhere in the world