Finally the day has come – TdF day one!!

If you think only the riders get nervous before the start think again. It is really tough being an avid supporter!!!

Wake up really early, shower, breakfast, race on your bike to reach the good spot (previously scouted of course), then spend the whole day in a state of great excitement, eat very little, drink a lot ( of water of course), shout until you have no voice left, wave a large flag furiously when your favourite riders approach, then go home and eat a huge dinner, drink a lot more “water”, shower, flop into bed………not sure that riding the bike is a bike is the more challenging job!!!

I had better get in some serious training so I reckon by the end of the TdF I should be a qualified avid supporter  – man I plan to get good at this!!

Thanks to my wonderful hosts Aletta, Hein and Floris for putting up with this cycle nut. Thank you Tineke for joining in the fun and dinner at your daughter’s house and I hope you survive our cooking!!



Tomorrow I will be at the start of day two the skedaddle to get to Huy for the Monday finish…….I truly hope I can make it. Just short of 200kms with some navigation challenges the TdF riders will not have to worry about. Also my German friend, Dirk Mehring, has joined me for tomorrow and some of Monday.

Target is finish of stage two………..

Good luck to the boys tomorrow and congrats to the legend Greg Minnaar on another Downhill world cup win.

Eugene on a bike somewhere in the world