Final day in London, now for the next chapter.

After a great evening spent with a long time friend and some new ones enjoying a traditional SA braai and beers I sadly bid the Pretorius family goodbye.

Thank you Eryn, Jean-Claude, Moser, Leah, Robin and Hanneke for being part of my special London experience that will be part of this tour tapestry forever. To all that I met in the days spent in London thank you for your part in creating this memory and sadly I could not get to see a few more people like Marie, Vic etc. but time was not on my side, maybe next time !!!

Thank you Helen and Rachel for letting me stay at your house and sharing some wonderful time together as well as a cold beer or three!!! For now it is only au revoir as I will see you soon in South Africa where I will reciprocate.

A special thank you to the author of Lantern Rouge, Max Leonard, for a signed hard cover copy of your book. I will read it en route through the tour and it will have a special place in my collection at home. Of course this would not have happened if I had not met him at Pretorius Bikes London where he is a client and friend of Jean-Claude.


I spent the rest of the day prepping for my departure tomorrow when I will head towards Harwich and the ferry to Holland in anticipation of the start of the biggest bike race in the world.

Now this is something I have only dreamed of doing that will now become a reality. The timing could not have been better with a Saffa team being accepted to ride the grand tour and the fact that I know many of the homegrown riders and management personally. Wishing them good legs and safe riding to complete the big one in Paris. I will be there to cheer you over the finish line as will many more Saffas judging by the social media.

It would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the Saffas that went before like some of my favorites Robert Hunter, Daryl Impey, John Lee Augustyn and the Barlowworld team!!!

Eugene on a bike somewhere in the world