Ferry across the North Sea


I wake up to this sun rise greeting me at 03h30 in Harwich. Exited about the next part of my adventure I brew an early coffee and start a leisurely pack up.

My ferry only departs at 09h00 and I want to be on time. Of course the opposite then happens, the ferry only leaves at 11h00 because they are fully booked with passengers and cargo.

I am travelling with one of Stena Lines huge ferries and it is like a floating hotel with all facilities you can wish for available on board. The crossing time is approximately 8 hours 15 minutes so I get time to blog, read and nap.


All sorts if vehicles are loaded even cars with caravans attached. My vehicles big brother also joins the queue.


We disembark at Hook of Holland and the temperature is 35 degrees so we head for the sea and take a swim to cool down.


Finally starting to cool down and it is 22h00 with the moon just visible on the horizon but still bright as day !!!

Only need Jan Hendrikse as a guide now – thinking of him !!!

We now head in the direction of Utrecht via Den Haag and Gouda……..

Eugene on a bike somewhere in the world