Dublin to Derry on Marathon day.

Early breakfast saw us off to an early start. We delivered a project fund raising request the local Rotary club at the Grand Canal Hotel then headed for Derry.  The roads around the centre of the city were closed for the running of the Dublin Marathon.

I am not going to mention the weather but the sun was not shining nor were we dry. We remained wet for the rest of the day and arrived in Derry in another downpour. The tourism office was good shelter and gave us good advice on where to find a hostel. After a hot shower we were well recovered. I bought some supplies at the Tesco store and cooked up a storm.

I then walked around the old walled city Derry – Londonderry and soaked in the culture of this beautiful country. It was constructed in 1613 to protect the English and Scottish settlers as a part of the Plantation of Ulster. It is the most complete example of old fortifications dating back 400 years. The views of the city are spectacular  from the top of the walls that are 18 meters high in places.

It was quite chilly now so I headed for the hostel and a warm bed.


Peace Bridge links the two sides of modern Derry.

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