Destination Manchester.

The weather has suddenly changed to a glorious summers day but I cannot say the same for my health at the moment. I stopped in at the Health Centre and tried to get an appointment with a doctor but was told the first available appointment was next Tuesday. If I left my number the duty doctor could possibly ring me and give me a telephonic consultation. I do receive a phone call later and by then I had bought some medication from the local pharmacy and soldiered on.

I am not making much headway and at a rest stop I get offered a lift to Manchester and I gratefully accept. My good Samaritan’s name is Dave and also offers me a bed for the night and the chance to recover properly. His wife, Alison, is so caring that while I have slept away the day she even did all my washing plus supply endless cups of tea. This does restore one’s faith in human kind. I have met some awesome people on this tour so far but this treatment will take some beating. They insist I stay one more night so that I give myself a better recovery time. This seems to be the correct thing to do as I now feel much better than yesterday.

I went shopping on the bike for a gift for my hosts also to see how the body would react and was pleasantly surprised. En route I visited the home of British Cycling at the velodrome and watched some coaching of beginners. The Team GB were schedule for training and sat round to see who I could spot. Some of their sprinters were out warming up but the bed was calling me.

Whilst sitting here I thought about our velodrome in Cape Town and the similarities were astounding. The significant difference is they fully occupy their facility and have made it a business on the back of their successes on track and road cycling. Even the BMX facility is world class.



Common sense prevailed so I headed back to get the recovery and rest required at the moment because I still had many days ahead and lots to discover.

I will follow the towpath along the canal to get out of Manchester tomorrow and may even pass close enough to stop in at Old Trafford……….

Eugene on a bike somewhere in the world