Destination Huy

Can we beat the tour to Huy!!!

We cross the border into Belgium at a good pace after an early start.


Today would turn itself upside down. After 26km we arrived in Turnhout  and decided to have a farewell breakfast with Dirk after no supper and no breakfast yet.

It turned out to be a good decision as we were led by a local to the ….. and enjoyed many cups of coffee with a Belgian breakfast.

Finally we had to bid Dirk goodbye as he had to return to Eindhoven by evening.


We shop for supplies in Turnhout and then head for Huy. Suz’s leg is very sore and I decide to use the train for the last stretch so that we can get to Huy on time. Because of this we get there well ahead of the tour and I find a good spot with 2 kms to go.


I wanted to be on the Mur of Huy for the finish but had to ride it after the stage was finished. It is a very tough climb made harder by the weight of my bike and panniers. By now the party was in full swing and it felt like I was a tour rider with support I got from the crowd.

Tomorrow Seraing for the start of stage 4 with Froome dog in yellow and all our MTN Quebeka riders safe to start after the huge fall today……………

Eugene on a bike somewhere in the world