Day two – Out in the country around Carlow

Woke up to an overcast morning with a very light drizzle coming down. Did have a really good sleep and felt refreshed after spending two days travelling to get to Carlow and being awake more than usual having only had a few minutes dozing off rather than sleep on both flights so it caught up with me. After a hearty breakfast I set off to explore the area.


The first town I reached was Banglestown and just as the congregation was arriving for the morning mass at Saint Andrew’s, the Roman Catholic church in the centre of town.


I then headed off along the Barrow river in the direction of Leighlenbridge. I passed a large old disused building with many barred windows. I thought it looked very much like an old prison  but discovered that it was originally the mill that had ground all the wheat and barley grown in the area.

From Leighlenbridge I headed for Carlow on a large main road with a cycle path that was wider than a lane for the cars.


I also met a handsome fella en route called Energy Hill in a field full of thoroughbred’s.


Getting into Carlow was a bit dodgier as the cycle path kept disappearing but mostly the drivers were courteous and gave you a wide berth. Being Sunday all the shops were closed with the exception of the restaurants, chain stores and pubs. I purchased a bicycle lock from a large hardware store then headed for Fennagh. 

On route I stopped in at the Fighting Cocks, the pub Haegyn had told me about. It certainly was a very old pub and very busy serving lunches so I thought not to ask to many questions regarding the history of the pub. The young fella did give me permission to take a few photos and was pleased to hear I was from South Africa. He quickly added that it was a long cycle from there and what time did I leave this morning. 

Then it was a ride up the lane to Upton Fennagh where I discovered a very quaint  cottage that was up for sale. I would have loved to meet it’s quirky owner as the garden was filled with all sorts of windmills  and painted figures. The best one is pictured below.

It was great to be out on the bike finally and the round trip of 50 km’s was just enough to find my cycling legs. #travellingcyclist #eugeneineurope #cycleworxsedgefield

Eugene on a bike somewhere in the world