Cycling tours

South Africa’s Southern and Western Cape region has become a favourite holiday destination for many travellers. It sports unmatched scenic beauty, diverse fauna and flora, close encounters with wildlife (including the big five), unspoilt beaches, well appointed hotels and lodges, etc. etc. Whether you are a local wanting to explore this side of Eden or a foreigner seeking the allure of Africa, there is no better place than the fairest of Capes. Scenery ranges from lush indigenous forest to fynbos coastlines, rugged mountains and arid semi-deserts. The area boasts more than 400 bird species, game, fish and stunning cycle routes. Whether you would like to explore the Cape Winelands on a touring bike or weave your way down a single track through dense indigenous forest on the Garden Route, this is the place to be. Don’t just let the beauty pass you by as you drive in a car or a tour bus. Experience it first hand on a bicycle.

The discerning traveller

Allow us to guide you along South Africa’s most scenic cycling routes. From Cape Town, through the Little Karoo, to the Garden of Eden along the Garden Route. Such experiences of Nature at her best are only possible on foot or by bicycle. Cycling affords one the opportunity to go off the beaten track, to traverse private land, even to encounter wildlife on their turf. We understand this desire to communicate with Nature. Yet, we recognize that “roughing it” is not everybody’s idea of fun. So, allow us to tailor-make a tour to suit you. The meals are lavish, the accommodation on guest farms and country hotels is superb. And when the going on the bike gets a little tough, there’s a vehicle standing by to give you a rest.

What is more is that all technical matters are taken care of. All you do is arrive at the airport or designated place. All bicycles, gear and kit is provided; accommodation and meals are prearranged.

Budget groups

Whereas some travellers relish the idea of cycling through a wine estate and to sip its finest produce while lounging on the verandah in grand style, others like to feel the elements a little more. To these folk, “roughing it” is an invitation to explore Nature without exploring bancruptcy. A wooden mountain cabin and a packed lunch sound like heaven. Single track sounds like honeymoon.

If you fall in this category, we understand that “value-for-money” is your motto. Not cheap and nasty, but simple. You still want to enjoy all the benefits of a tailor-made tour, a tour where everything is taken care of, but you can do without the purcail linen and five course meals.

Ideally, to give you the best value for money, we need a group of more than four. Fewer will do, but it will cost a little. Adventure holidayers, school groups, even families. We work directly with the group, as well as with tour operators who want a person on the ground. No need to send your guides: simply get your group to our airport in George. The rest is taken care of.