Another big day in the saddle – Campbelltown to Oban.

We depart Campbelltown at 07h45 headed for Oban. We have decided to go via the scenic coastal route recommended by our ferry skipper with a rueful smile on his face. The only other choice was the highway and this a was flat route but very busy with trucks and cars. 

The coastal route proves to be very beautiful but very hilly and early on I realise that it is going to be a very long day. We pass through many small hamlets that are nothing more than a cluster of houses and reach Tarbert at midday in the soaking rain.


We came across a mobile crane that had left the narrow road and upended into the bush. Fortunately the driver escaped unharmed and but for a few metres he would have tumbled down the steep embankment.


Henri looking very pleased to have completed another steep climb. 



The fortified church at Kilmichael on top of another hill.

After a bowl of potato and leek soup at Tarbert we set off for the afternoon stretch to Oban. Having completed the more difficult 50 mile section in the morning we were led to believe the second 50 miles would be easier. Surprise surprise there were many more lung bursting climbs to ride and soon enough Henri’s legs gave up. He had covered an amazing 85 miles by this stage and climbed 2500 vertical meters.

At Kilmeltford we managed to get a lift for him and his bike and I rode the last 15 miles into Oban. I spotted a large South African flag as we entered the village and was told by the shopkeeper of a South African named Piet working as a volunteer fire fighter that lived in the house. I did not get to meet him but bid him good wishes via the shopkeeper’s daughter that worked with Piet.

Day done at 101 miles (160km) 2650 meters of climbing and a lot of it in the rain. 


Oban was a welcome sight and delivered another great hostel with a very comfortable bed. As well as a particularly good single malt whisky.

Now for the Fort William experience. …….

Eugene on a bike somewhere in the world